Cardiff School of Education in conjunction with the Teacher Support Network is offering places on reflecting on teacher wellbeing. 
Wellbeing is essential to a successful teaching career. This timely and thought provoking conference will enable delegates to explore ways to enhance and support their own wellbeing.
The afternoon will provide delegates with:
• An opportunity to experience different strategies to support and manage teacher wellbeing
• To share different ideas and approaches that will enhance teacher wellbeing
• Participate in practical, thought provoking sessions which will explore different aspects of wellbeing
Book your place
t: 029 20 65 77 / 70 78 and speak to Huw or Katerina
• Cancellations must be in writing and made more than 10 working days prior to the conference or you will be charged the full rate.
• Payment can be made by card, cheque, over the phone or online at
Conference Cost: £60
You may view the course flyer HERE
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